Please use these routes as a frame for planning your own days out. Never just blindly follow mine or anybody else's. Read them and follow them, by all means, but still take the time to sit down and plan things yourself. There's no reason you can't just take the parts that seem interesting and modify them by shortening, extending or diverting them to suit your needs. Each route description links to Viewranger, where you can look at the route on a map and also download the GPX for 100 credits (about £1.50). I'd  much rather you plotted the route yourself, hence the download fee. Never just commit to blindly completing a route as it is written. Use your own judgement and be flexible with your plans. If a route includes a scramble, don't just take the route guide as a comprehensive plan. Please buy a relevant scrambling guide book  

Have a little read of this blog for some advice on route planning.

All information provided is accurate to the best of my knowledge and by using these routes, you must take responsibility for your own planning and actions during the day. Like everyone, I can make mistakes with details or grid references, so use with caution and please let me know if you spot any mitsakes.