Understanding Contours on a Map

Contours form the backbone of your map. They provide context to the features on the page and enable you to visualise the landscape

Getting into Wild Camping

If you've never done it before, wild camping can be quite a daunting experience, especially if you're relatively new to spending time in the

How to Set the Map.

A short blog explaining how and why we should set our map when we are walking in the mountains.

Planning a walking route.

So - You've done a bit of walking, you've built up your kit, the weather looks great for the weekend and and you're feeling inspired to get

Learn how to take a bearing.

This is a short blog to help you learn how to take a bearing at home. It's not aimed at teaching you everything you need to know - just some

Why bother?

Literally as I posted my last blog about good navigation habits, I read a blog raising a point about Mountain Leader courses and whether,...

Habits for Good Navigation.

Forming good routines is key to being a good navigator. Doing the same things, the same way every time can really help, especially when...