Elidir Fawr & Y Garn from the Vaynol Arms

Difficulty: Hard. Lots of walking over rough, steep ground.

Distance: 12km

Ascent: 1100m

Time: 7hrs

Technicality: Hard walking with some hands on possibly needed. One river crossing.

Terrain: Lots of steep, sustained ascent toward Elidir Fawr. Boulder field around upper section of Elidir Fawr

Navigation: Difficult. In all but the best weather, you will need the ability to use a map and compass.

Parking: Park in the main car park in Nant Peris. walk from the Vaynol.

Accomodatoion: Campsite in Nant, YHA Pen y Pass up the road and loads in Llanberis, 10 minutes away.

1: SH 606 584. Start at the Vaynol Arms, cross the road, turn Left and walk for about 100m before turning right to follow the campsite road. Turn left at the bridge. Follow this road past the white house, taking the gate to the right at the end road at. From here, head NE uphill, past the building ruins. Cross the stile at the holly tree, then go through the gate. Follow the track northwards along the rightward curving path, which joins the river.

2: SH 608 595. This is a really important part of the route. In early 2018, the bridge at the crossing point further up was washed away in a flood. Do not try to cross there unless the bridge has been replaced. At the time of writing, it hasn’t. The best current crossing point is where a new stile has been erected, at SH 608 595. There may be a little rock hopping involved! Walking poles will be useful. Take care as well, to guage the level and flow of the water before crossing. (An alternative option during heavy rain could be to walk the length of Cwm Dudodyn and enjoy the steep and loose climb to Elidir from the head of the Valley.) On crossing the river, simply head N/NE to the summit of Elidir Fawr.  The route here can be difficult to follow, with very little path at times during the lower section. It does eventually consolidate and near the top, you will navigate some loose and rocky terrain. If you keep focused, you should be able to take a worn pathway through the boulders.

3: SH 612 613. Elidir Fawr. A fine summit with amazing views. Savour them before heading East, crossing the steep ridge of Bwlch y Marchlyn to pay a flying visit to Mynydd Perfedd for a quick photo stop. You could even do a quick out and back to Carnedd y Ffiliast. From Mynydd Perfedd, head SE along some lovely grassy, mountain walking to Foel Goch and Bwlch y Cywion before the steep and rocky path to Y Garn. Beware the false summit!

4: SH 630 595After revelling in the moment for a moment too long, head SE down to Llyn y Cwn (The lake of the Hounds). The path here is quite eroded and will channel to a crossing point on the fence, then easily on to the lake. In poor visibility, it can be easy to become disorientated. The path is getting increasingly eroded, so please, try to not make it worse. Stick to the paths that are already in use and stay on them.

5: SH 636 585. From Llyn y Cwn, head West then South West across the boggy and indistinct ground for about 300m to pick up the crossing point at the fenceline. The path here is clearer and runs downhill gently alongside the Afon Las, through Cwm Cneifio and then into Cwm Padrig where it steepens near the waterfall. The path is quite obvious and you shouldn't have many issues apart from a few rocky steps. You will eventually cross a bridge, and then pass through some private land before exiting at the road. At the road, turn right and walk back into Nant in single file and facing the traffic. Debrief at the Vaynol. Food, ale and photograph checking by the fire is the routine!